Foamstars Looks Like Square Enix Made A Splatoon For PS5


Square Enix debuted a new multiplayer game during the PlayStation Showcase. Foamstars is a colorful 4v4 hero shooter against the backdrop of a neon city. The trailer showed the competing teams firing at each other with multicolored foam, eventually covering the whole battlefield with peaks and valleys of bubbles that can be cruised across on surfboards.

The brief trailer also showed off some of the very cartoony character designs, along with some of what appears to be ultimate abilities that can be triggered. The trailer did not list a release date, but it is coming to PS4 and PS5.

Let the FOAM begin!
Get ready to shoot, surf and build your way to victory in the fresh foam-based multiplayer shooter, #FOAMSTARS.
Coming to PS5 and PS4.

— foamstarsgame (@foamstarsgame) May 24, 2023

According to the PlayStation Blog, the foam mechanic can be used to alter terrain, letting you build fortresses to claim the high ground or defend from attacks.