Explore A Dying, Painted World In The Next Game From The Creators Of Gris, Neva


Neva is the next game from the developers of Gris and carries that game's mournful, painterly aesthetic forward into what appears to be an environmentalist fable.

The trailer depicts a white-haired woman tending to a field of pink flowers, accompanied by a massive wolf with large antlers, as well as that wolf's much smaller offspring. The woman examines a dead bird, which is being overgrown with black flowers. More birds fall from the sky as a dark cloud crests over the horizon.

The woman draws a thin, hilted sword as the shadows fall over her and the wolves. She slays several skeleton-like creatures which emerge from the darkness. Suddenly she is knocked to the ground, as the massive wolf fights and then falls to the monsters. When the woman awakes, the mother wolf is dead and she weeps beside its body. As she cries, the cub reappears and she takes it in her arms.

Neva is an emotionally-charged adventure from the visionary @NomadaStudioBCN, creators of the critically acclaimed GRIS.
Experience the moving tale of a young woman and her lifelong bond with a magnificent wolf as they survive a rapidly dying world. pic.twitter.com/nR2Zz4RNF1

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) May 24, 2023

No details of gameplay have been released yet, so it is unknown whether Neva will be a narrative platformer a la Gris. However, the game will involve a journey shared by both wolf and woman, as they traverse a dying world. Neva also seems to foreground environmentalist themes, pitting a vibrant and colorful world against an oil-like evil.