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Battlefield 2042, CoD: Vanguard, And More Xbox Digital Game Preorders Are $10 Off
Take $10 off to pretend like that next-gen game price hike never happened.
Free Metroid Dread Demo Out Now On Nintendo Switch, Here's How To Download It
Out of nowhere, Nintendo announces and releases a free demo for Metroid Dread on Nintendo Switch.
Resident Evil Village Hits 5 Million Sold Faster Than RE7
Resident Evil Village is selling faster than the best-selling game in the entire franchise.
Sony's Next PlayStation Game Coming To PC May Have Been Revealed
It looks like Sumo Digital's 2020 Little Big Planet game Sackboy: A Big Adventure is headed to PC.
Battlefield 2042 Trailer Shows Off 3 New Maps
DICE has released the newest trailer for the future-set military shooter, showing off three more All-Out Warfare maps.
Riders Republic Stunts Guide - What To Know About The Various Control Options
Ubisoft's extreme sports game has a number of different control options for pulling off stunts; here's what they all do.
What's In The Fortnite Item Shop Today - October 29, 2021: Shadow Midas Skin Debuts, Dune Returns
The anti-hero with the golden touch is back and looking spookier than ever.
Death's Door Coming To PS4, PS5, And Switch On November 23
Acid Nerve's action-adventure game about crows who collect the souls of the dead is coming to PS4 and PS5.
Doom Eternal Horde Mode Guide: Tips To Know Before Starting
Horde mode is a challenging experience, but there are some ways to ensure you achieve the highest scores possible.
Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach Is Coming December 16
The first-person horror title has players attempting to escape from yet another pizzeria, all the while evading animatronic baddies with a little help from Freddy Fazbear himself.
Xbox Series X|S Sales Reach 8 Million, Game Pass Climbs Above 20 Million - Analyst
New numbers for console sales and Game Pass have emerged thanks to an analyst.
Diablo Immortal Closed Beta Test Starts Today, Adds Necromancer And More
Android players will have a chance to check out some new changes, preliminary controller support, and the ability to spend real-world money.
CoD: Vanguard Patch Notes Reveal Improvements From Beta And New Perk
Call of Duty: Vanguard's latest patch notes from the beta reveal improvements and new perk are coming at launch.
The Best Fortnite Creative Codes: 10 Creative Maps You Have To Try
Some of Fortnite's finest work has been made not by Epic, but by the fans.