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Puzzle games

Memory - RingsMemory - Rings
Try to repeat the pattern for as many rounds as possible (3000)
Memory MadnessMemory Madness
Another Simon Says game clone using 3D graphic (2997)
Memory TrialMemory Trial
Memory game where you have to flip the same pair of cards to remove them from play (2987)
Clip all the tiles to the transparent side to clear the level (2960)
Click on the balls and let them disappear. (2950)
Help these gods find entertainment (2943)
Slide the box to appropriate location (2934)
A classic solitaire games using frog as pieces. The objective is to remove all but 1 single frog (2911)
Stick in TwiddlestixStick in Twiddlestix
The stick will rotate constantly. You task is to navigate the rotating stick safely through waterways without hitting the walls (2891)
Force the opponent to a position without a valid move (2849)
Stack the pawns to win max of 4 high (2644)
A fighting game for 2 players that run smoothly (2484)

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