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Arcade games

Let MLet M'Roll
Catch the head before they hit the ground. You will lose the game if you drop more then five. (3582)
Mars MissionMars Mission
Avoid the meteors and land your spacecraft on Mars (3579)
Mud RallyMud Rally
guide the frog on the lotus leaf to follow the muddy track (3560)
3D Space Station Catcher3D Space Station Catcher
Catch the falling objects in this 3D games (3537)
The TerrortubbyThe Terrortubby
Teletubby turned terrorists in this horizontal shooter (3528)
Play a great remake of the classic arcade game Tetris. (3514)
Jump and GlideJump and Glide
Jump and glide through each level watch out for the incoming... (3501)
SimbaSimba's Pride - LK2
Help Kiara save Kovu from the fierce crocodile (3495)
Tetris clone (3486)
Aboid land mines, etc in this game (3480)
Desktop InvadersDesktop Invaders
Anotehr invader clone - shoot all aliens before the 3 castles are destroyed (3476)
Shoot the alien with all the weapon arsena that you got (3471)
Whack a BeastWhack a Beast
Neopets version of whack a mole classic game (3462)
Invasion 2196Invasion 2196
Protect earth from alien invasion in this space shooting arcade (3447)
Bakuhatsu PanicBakuhatsu Panic
Catch the bomb before it explode and destroy the city (3433)
Moon PartrolMoon Partrol
Patrol and protect the moon base (3428)
Catch enough bones before the time run out (3423)
Allied Assault GameAllied Assault Game
Annihilate all invaders and save the planet (3423)
Check Point DeltaCheck Point Delta
The Military is at your disposal to find the bomb, you will be receiving further instructions en-route. (3405)
In The land Of pumpkinIn The land Of pumpkin
Use pumkins to blast the rocks which block you way to your opponent. When you meet your opponent, blast him as well. (3374)
Element Saga ep1-4Element Saga ep1-4
Use techniques such as sword strike, fireball and combos to defeat enemies. (3370)
Gravity Ball 2Gravity Ball 2
Arkanoid clone with a twist - the more you bounce it, the higher it go! (3365)
Battle PongBattle Pong
Variation of the classic Pong with weapons! (3322)
Lunar CommandLunar Command
remake of the classic Lunar Command game - protect the moon bases from missiles (3315)
Fruit DropFruit Drop
Tetris clone with fruity theme (3312)
Lunar LanderLunar Lander
Recreation of the classic lunar lander game (3294)
Guide the ball to the finish line - avoid the hole and collects coins for extra points! (3282)
Bob`s AdventureBob`s Adventure
Control the thrusters of Bob's UFO to escape from this weird planet. (3279)
Supreme DartsSupreme Darts
You strat the game with 301 points. At the end of the shot, the score of the dart shot is subtracted from your score. Try to reach zero within 30 shot. (3268)
Lightyear AlphaLightyear Alpha
Collect Energy residue by destroying enemy and gain special abilities (3216)
You have to collect 20 stars each game. You must avoid pink bubble unless you were protected by shield bubble. (3213)
Insane Orb EXInsane Orb EX
Use your paddle to deflect the ball (3202)

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