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Action games

D-Fence the GameD-Fence the Game
Defend your fortress shoot the soilders (4914)
AB: SpermicideAB: Spermicide
Fly around the inside of a woman and shoot down the sperm trying to get through. (4863)
KungFu Special TrainerKungFu Special Trainer
Kung Fu training using melons (4860)
Ovcata NinjaOvcata Ninja
You are Ovcata The Sheep Ninja You Need to kill almost anything that crosses in your path (4834)
Go SantaGo Santa
Santa have to ski as fast as he can to distribute all the Xmas presents (4822)
Kuririn RunnerKuririn Runner
Be carefull not to get hit too much or he will die (4766)
Santa FighterSanta Fighter
Santa fighting game (4698)
Aqua FieldAqua Field
Guide the fish to their food and avoiding dangerous objects (4691)
Agent KAgent K
Passed all 3 training mission and become a real SWAT member. (4632)
1-Player fighting game (4559)
Rocket BobRocket Bob
Help Bob to jump from one platform to another using appripriate force and angle (4539)
Tai Chi TeddyTai Chi Teddy
Teddy Bear that use Tai Chi Kungfu in this street fight game (4475)
Bug on a WireBug on a Wire
Stay on the wire and don?ˇĄt get eaten by birds! (4434)
Play "dodge-ball" with stones! (4398)
3D Space Skimmer3D Space Skimmer
Fly around space (4355)
Anthrax JellyAnthrax Jelly
Game that requires you to form words to prevent the lab mixture reaching critical mass. (4344)
Arabian KnightArabian Knight
Fight a good fight ?? Arabian Knight (4324)
Little ShepherdLittle Shepherd
As shepherd, you duty is obvious: guide the mindless sheeps safely back into fence. (4295)
Master Of The LawnMaster Of The Lawn
Eat all the caterpillars before they become flowers and kill you. (4266)
Megaman Vs Ghosts n GoblinsMegaman Vs Ghosts n Goblins
Platform fighting game using Megaman as characters! (4244)
Silay - Malay TechniqueSilay - Malay Technique
2-Player fighting game using the Malays Silay technique (4236)
Fly around in Alien UFO and abduct people off the street (4199)
Space EscapeSpace Escape
The space is filled with deadly obstacles and it is your duty to guide the spaceship safely throught it (4168)
Dark Waters The FightDark Waters The Fight
Kill your enemy as fast as possile to win the game. (4145)
Balls And WallsBalls And Walls
Throw fireball at your opponents (4141)
Flash Life BuoysFlash Life Buoys
Save as many people as you can from the ship (4127)
Pearl HuntPearl Hunt
This is another addictive puzzle game (3999)
Orc SlayerOrc Slayer
Can you make it to Slayer Click away and kill as many as you can with your sword (3997)
Cave EscapeCave Escape
Escape all the dropping Items in the cave (3949)
Pencak SilayPencak Silay
A 2-Player fighting game with story mode. Fight using the Malays Silay techniques (3948)
save the beautiful butterfly from the spider's web (3943)
Crystalite Block BusterCrystalite Block Buster
Defend the planet send blocks back into outer space (3930)

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