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Action games

Destroy the PeaceDestroy the Peace
Destroy as many things as possible to attract the police (7675)
Fight the rotten heart of evil (7552)
Retronoid FSRetronoid FS
Great version of the classic arkanoid game. Play the custom levels, or create your own levels with the level editor. Hours of classic gaming fun. (7536)
Reach the teleport ring avoiding all of the obstacles. Collect all the bonuses along your way. (7494)
King of the HillKing of the Hill
In King of the Hill, you have to protect your castle with the limited weapons that you have. (7429)
Surfs UpSurfs Up
Get on the surf and ride a wave! (7235)
Don?ˇĄt play this at work - cause in this game you do everything except work! (7129)
The Fly AnimationThe Fly Animation
This is a funny animation (6991)
Little tip with this one match the gate colour with the colour of your monkey before you try to go through (6802)
Street Fighter - The New LeaderStreet Fighter - The New Leader
Fighting game with UK Politicians as game characters (6742)
Pepsi HandballPepsi Handball
Drop different colored footballs on to the stack below and group them together (6740)
Udder MadnessUdder Madness
Milk the cows before the explode (6709)
Super FlySuper Fly
Catch the flys in this fun game. (6529)
Balloon SlingerBalloon Slinger
Throw water balloon at the pedestrians from top of the mall (6436)
Easter Bunny Vs Easter BilbyEaster Bunny Vs Easter Bilby
In this Bunny boxing Death Match, there are 2 rules: #1- Get him before he gets you and #2- there is no rule #2. (6394)
Bat In NightmareBat In Nightmare
You Are lIke robin hood With bow and arrow Shoot Ducks Rabbits etc. (6336)
Get the chicken across the road (6325)
60 seconds60 seconds
Steal 10 cars in 60 seconds just like the movie of the same name (6207)
Brave SwordBrave Sword
Medieval style fighting game (6192)
This is an animation on the clay man that goes insane (6113)
Super FigtherSuper Figther
Super Fighter is a great fighting game with nice moves (5870)
Great fun game, keep the helicopter in the air avoiding all the walls as it is flying along. (5598)
Walk around aimlessly through a demon infested world and kill them with your chain! (5569)
Air DodgeAir Dodge
Navigate your plane and avoid any obstacles that block your path (5550)
Legacy Of AgonyLegacy Of Agony
Defeat 10 opponents remember special moves and combo's (5542)
This is a side scrolling game where you control Rieland (5539)
Clone of the arcade fighting game - Super Fighter (5451)
Zombie Horde 2Zombie Horde 2
Are you man enough to handle being out in the wild with zombies coming at you? (5422)
Pumpkin BattlePumpkin Battle
An evil pumpkin has invaded your patch and is wreaking havoc. He must be stopped. (5370)
Canyon GliderCanyon Glider
Collect points by going through each of the hoop with your glider (5273)
The Global RageThe Global Rage
2-players fighting game (5200)
Alien BounceAlien Bounce
Crazy alien catapault game, how far can he go? (5062)

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